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Afghani Cannabis Seeds

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Afghani cannabis seeds is a fast and easy indoor growing strain. It produces large yields with lots of resin production. Medicinal cannabis users can expect a deep and relaxing sedated euphoria. This strain is suitable for treating stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression along with many other medical ailments and conditions.
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Afghani Cannabis Seeds

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Afghani feminized are a traditional cannabis seed strain first found in the mountains of Afghanistan.

It was one of the first ever pure indica strains used in breeding programs around the world.

It has become so popular because of its really thick buds, salubrious resin production and excellent properties for making hash.

It grows rapidly into a really bushy plant with a very strong aroma when flowering.

Even first time growers will find it hard not to be successful with this strain, and growers who bring out the full potential rank it among the finest original indicas to be found anywhere.

Seed Properties
TypeFeminized Seeds
Pure Indica95% Indica, 5% Sativa
Flowering Time60 days


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