Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds


Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

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Northern Lights feminized cannabis seeds have been a very popular seed strain for many years because of its easy growing characteristics and narcotic properties. It is a particularly good medicinal strain that will guarantee to produce a lethargic stoned effect which will result in relaxation for the body and mind.
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Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

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Northern Lights feminized is a classic and one most of common types of marijuana available.

It’s provides your standard indica effect and is great for medicinal cannabis users who have pain issues and require a marijuana strain to sort them out.

This plant has long been the basis for many of the award winning classics in the history of cannabis cups around the world and according to the legend it is originally from Afghanistan.

It is highly recommended for beginner growers as it is one of the most forgiving strains available.

It produces a high flower to leaf ratio, good yields and very good resin production. It has big broad leaves and large crystal covered buds. It's a classic plant being one of the most smoked and grown in Holland.

Seed Properties
TypeFeminized Seeds
Pure Indica100% Indica
Flowering Time47 days


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