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Skunk #1

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Skunk #1 cannabis seeds is a seed strain that will produce a plant with a soft and sweet aroma and a very strong uplifting high. This strain has influenced cannabis genetics on a global scale and now serves as a standard against which others can be measured.
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Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds

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Skunk #1 autoflowering was a winning strain at several harvest festivals and also at the “High Times” Cannabis Cup.

It's genetics are from crossing Afghani (25%), Mexican Acapulco Gold (25%) and Columbian Gold (50%) and matches the potency of the hashish you find in Amsterdam coffee shops.

When this plant flowers it has long and thick juicy buds, varying in colour from light green to golden. It also has a very high flower to leaf ratio.

World famous for it's skunky sweet smell, super tasty flavour and muscular high. This pot gets sold and smoked even before it gets a chance to dry.

Seed Properties
TypeAutoflowering Seeds
Mostly Sativa75% Sativa, 25% Indica
Flowering Time60 days


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