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White Widow Cannabis Seeds

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White Widow feminized cannabis seeds are often described as producing an extremely relaxing cannabis seed strain that is also a good appetite enhancer. This potent cannabis variety will not leave you feeling lazy because the sativa in it will improve your mood. Many experts say that this particular variety is the strongest strain in the entire world.
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White Widow Cannabis Seeds

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White Widow feminized are considered the most potent and probably the best seed strain currently available in the world.

It was created in Holland in the 1990's and has won more Cannabis Cups than any other marijuana seed strain since then. The buds always have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the green colour of the bud at all.

The high is super extreme and the taste uniquely divine. Winner of more Cannabis Cup events and Pot Awards than any other kind. On the top of all Dutch coffee shop menu's and usually the most expensive too!

If you are looking for an awesome weed seed strain to add to your collection then this is a must have for the most discernible collector.

Seed Properties
TypeFeminized Seeds
Mostly Indica60% Indica, 40% Sativa
Flowering Time60 days


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